Spray & Stay (glueless adhesive)
Spray & Stay (glueless adhesive)
Spray & Stay (glueless adhesive)

Spray & Stay (glueless adhesive)

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Spray & Stay-Glueless Lace Melting Adhesive

New Product! New Look! Bigger Bottle! Even better hold!

•spray directly on sponge and dab on forehead where needed
•use blow dryer for 5-10 secs to melt in place
•harmless to edges
•drys fast
•firm hold
•daily use
•can be used on all lace types
If extreme sweating occurs, simply tie lace down with a thin scarf, allow it to air dry or use a slightly warm blow dryer, until the adhesive dries. Highly recommended for those who prefer taking their units off each night.
DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using.  
1.Clean surface with alcohol.
2.Spray directly on lace, or on skin.
3.Place lace directly on sprayed area and use a warm blowdryer immediately for about 10 secs to hold lace into place. 

Remove: To remove lace or excess spray, simply use a damp towel, rubbing alcohol or the Posh Collection ‘Lace Remover’.

Paraben and sodium chloride-free. Humidity resistant.