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Spray & Stay-Glueless Lace Adhesive

•harmless time edges
•drys fast
•firm hold
•daily use
•can be used on all lace types
If extreme sweating occurs, simply tie lace down with a thin scarf, allow it to air dry or use a slightly warm blow dryer, until the adhesive dries. Highly recommended for those who prefer taking their units off each night.
DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using.  
1.Clean surface with alcohol.
2.Spray directly on lace, or on skin, near hairline.
(will not stick to hairy surfaces).
3.Place lace directly on sprayed area and use a warm blowdryer immediately for about 10 secs to hold lace into place. 

Remove: To remove lace or excess spray, simply use a damp towel, baby wipe or the Posh Collection ‘Lace Remover’.

Paraben and sodium chloride-free. Humidity resistant. 

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