Burmese Raw Curly Collection

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Burmese Raw Curly Hair-This premium quality collection boasts natural, unprocessed curls that create a blown out look. This unique texture provides a look that is both exotic and authentic. Embrace the styling capabilities of burmese curls in its natural form, straighten or add barrel curls, for a bold and captivating hair transformation that stands out effortlessly.


•double drawn (full from root to tip)

•thick cuticle (gives hair a fuller look)

•gives a blown out natural hair look

•great for 4c hair

•100% raw, unprocessed hair 

•colors up to #27

•single donor (all the cuticles go in the same direction)

•last for years 

• Can be worn in its natural texture, straight or barrel curled

•dark brown/ natural black color  

•3.5 oz per bundle