Virgin Hair Bundles & Closures

Indulge in the pure elegance of our Virgin Hair Bundles and Closures. Sourced from the finest, unaltered strands, these bundles offer a natural sheen and softness that defines luxury. Our Virgin Hair collection ensures a long-lasting, and versatile look. 


•single drawn

•1 donor

•cuticles fall in the same direction 

•silky texture

•natural brown color

Virgin hair bundles are available in different textures.  The prices marked are per 1 bundle and each bundle is 3.5 oz. Review the description section of products for specific details of each item. 

Recommended bundles:

2 bundles-12”-16”

3 bundles-18”-22”

4 bundles-24”-28”

5 bundles 30” & up

Purchasing the same lengths (ex: 20”,20”,20”) is recommended for straight and light layered looks. Purchasing multiple lengths (ex: 16”,18”,20”) is recommended for heavy layered looks. 

1 product

1 product