Custom Hair Coloring

Custom Hair Coloring is a convenient service offered for all Posh Collection virgin hair pieces. All virgin bundles, closures, frontals and wig units come standard in a natural (1b) color. 

Add a custom color to your service to eliminate the hassle of coloring it yourself. Your hair pieces are shampooed and conditioned with the Posh Collection Lavish Locks keratin conditioner and shampoo immediately after color service for soft and healthy hair.



-The prices provided are per piece.                                                                        If you have more than 1 bundle you would like colored, please select this service for each piece.



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Quality Matters

Posh Collection holds itself to the highest standards with our hair and hair accessories, With the highest quality human hair ready to be colored, styled and installed as soon as it hits your doorsteps.

We Ship Fast!

Nobody likes to wait and we ship as soon as possible from one of our locations throughout the U.S nearest to you. We know you want it yesterday. (Conditions Apply)

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