Proper maintenance for your bundles and closures is necessary for the longevity of the hair.


Co-washing the extensions with Posh Collections Lavish Locks shampoo and conditioner is recommended before installation to give your extensions shine and moister.

Tame My Tangles leave-in conditioner by Posh Collection adds additional softness and moister to the hair.

Upon installation, trim about 1/2 inch off to add fullness, a more lustrous look and longevity to your extensions.

Shampooing wavy or curly textured hair before installation is recommended to allow curls to form in their natural state.  Wet the hair daily, or as needed, brushing thoroughly with a wig brush to help reshape curls. Using water or Posh Collection’s Tame My Tangles leave-in conditioner is suggested, as foam or other products can cause buildup.

Lace closures and frontals are very delicate. Gently brush or comb closures and frontals when styling for the longevity of the hair.
When combing extensions, start from the ends of the hair and slowly work your way up until all hair is combed thoroughly.