Vietnamese Raw Water Wave Tape-Ins

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Vietnamese Raw Water Wave Tape-ins

Tape-ins are a luxury service. It gives natural, versatile styling, that lasts for weeks with proper installation.  Tape-ins are reusable, so they can hold up to multiple installs.  Posh Collection offers a variety of textures & lengths to choose from.  

Vietnamese Raw Water Wave Details

•full density=thick from root to ends

•reg density=thick at root and slight tapers to ends (more natural)

•Wet & go/wavy texture

•50 grams = 1/2 bundle

•20 tapes come in every 1/2 bundle 

•can be safely colored

Tip: 2 1/2 bundles (250 grams) is recommended for a full head. Purchasing 3 bundles (300 grams) is advised so you don’t run out of hair.