Asymmetrical Bob Wig

The Asymmetrical Bob is part of our Customized Wig Collection. This price includes the wig, asymmetrical hair cut, knots bleached and plucked.

The Asymmetrical Bob is designed to lay slightly below the nape line in the back, and slightly below the chin area on the side.

(May vary depending on neck & facial length).

When installing a side part, lace should be placed slightly off-center from the middle of your head. Lace should not be shifted completely to the side, as this will eliminate the asymmetrical angle. Because the unit is not cut custom to the shape of your head, you will have to adjust the lace from side-to-side until you get the perfect asymmetrical angle you desire. Once you’ve achieved your angle, part the unit where you prefer, this can be slightly off center or further to the side.

Please read the following details throughly before purchasing.



-Plucking & knot bleaching are included

-Styling not included. (Use a 1-1 1/2 barrel curler for the best results and fuller curls).

-Select right or left part. Slightly shifting the unit allows this option.

-Units sell out fast, but are restocked every 7-10 days. If currently sold out, please check back daily.  

-Available in colors natural (#1b).

-Available in our Malaysian Mink texture.

-unit is a 16”-130% fullness-equivalent to approximately 2-3 bundles. 

-4x4 lace closure attached for natural parting.

-Standard middle part. Select part and slightly shifting the unit allows a right or left parting option.

-Currently available in a standard size wig cap (approximately 21”-21.5” circumference).

-Units come with attached combs and custom elastic band for the perfect fit.

-Online and in-store purchase available.



Detangle-Use a wide tooth comb or brush hair throughly upon receipt.

 •Shampoo & condition prior to installation-Do not scrub back & forth, rub or twist hair while shampooing. Simply lay hair flat up against a sink and gently stroke it in a downward motion using a shampoo brush, or soak it in a tub of cool water and shampoo for 5-10 minutes. -For best results, Posh Collection’s Lavish Locks Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner is recommended.

Gently towel blot hair to remove excess water-Wrap hair in a towel and squeeze to remove water.  Apply Posh Collection’s Tame My Tangles leave-in conditioner for moister and softness.

Allow hair to air dry-For best results, place hair on a mannequin head and allow it to air dry in its natural shape. Dryers and extreme heat can cause dryness.

Trim 1-2 inches off hair-Virgin hair is like natural hair, trimming eliminates frizziness and split ends, allowing a fuller/healthier look.

Excessive heat & products-Avoid extreme blow drying and curling. Only use when necessary. Use pin curls or curl rods daily to preserve style. Oils, hair sprays sweat and dirt can cause stickiness and tangling. The cleaner the hair stays, the longer and bouncier the hair last.

 Swimming & Exercising -Shampoo hair immediately after swimming. Salt & Chlorine can be drying and damaging. Allow hair to air dry after workouts and avoid extreme brushing while still wet.  Avoid sleeping with wet hair and never leave damp hair in plastic or cloth bags.

 Coloring-Allow a licensed professional to perform any hair coloring such as lifting, highlighting or toning. Do not use harsh box colors or black dyes to color hair, as it may cause tangling. Semi-permanent and water coloring are recommended for depositing color. For all white, blonde or vibrant tones, please select our color #613 hair for best results.

 Lace & Tinting-Always be gentle when brushing. Rub any lace glue off lace while it is still dry, prior to shampooing for cleaner results. Extreme plucking and knot bleaching can lead to shedding.

Placing a wig cap on your head close to the color of your scalp and applying a powder foundation on the back of the lace of your unit, helps give your unit a more natural look. Remove all excess lace from your unit before wearing. Simply cut the lace off, as close as you can near the hairline. 





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