Quick Wig-Shelly


What are QUICK WIGS?

Wigs constructed on a wig cap using glue instead of thread. 
When properly cared for, Quick Wigs can last for months. 

Quick Wigs can be shampooed & styled as needed. 
Please keep in mind that glued units can become loose if tugging, pulling or rough combing is applied. 

If a track loosens, simply put the unit on a foam mannequin head, apply (30 SEC) glue to the loose area and blowdry for 10-15 seconds. 

Please note these are approximate measurements, and units will fall differently depending on neck length, head size & forehead width. Wigs can be cut/adjusted by consumer to desired length. Always shift and play around with the unit on the head for comfort before cutting.

IMPORTANT: For a snug/comfortable fit, adjust the band along or slightly above the back hairline and on or below the front hairline. If needed, lower the band on the forehead to allow the hair or bang to fall more in the face.

Wig Details:


style: full curls with bang

available colors: black #1, natural 1b

hair: Virgin/human (can color & use heat)

texture: Indian Cashmere Curly 2-14” bundles

style length: hair rests on shoulder (longer when straightened)

bang length: approx 7”-8” from top of head to tip of hair

please note that the curl texture may change when shampooed or straightened. While wet, comb in desired style and allow to air dry for true texture. 

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Natural 1b


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