Vietnamese Raw Straight Bundles

Vietnamese Raw Straight Bundles

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Vietnamese Raw Straight-Raw hair is full, all natural hair. It’s the highest quality hair currently in the market. It’s quality features makes the lavish cost well worth it. Unlike virgin hair, raw hair is not chemically treated, or processed, so it initially may be glossy, staticky and have a coarser feel, but gets smoother after multiple shampoos. It is 100% human hair so it easily colors, while keeping its thick, healthy texture, and no low quality hair or synthetic fibers are mixed though-out the hair. Raw hair is cut from one donor, so 100% of the cuticles of the hair fall in the same direction, eliminating extreme tangling and extreme shedding. It is double drawn, so it keeps up to 80% of its fullness from root to tip, giving the hair a full, healthy, glam look.

Because ’Raw’ hair material is naturally steamed to create different textures and not chemically steamed like virgin hair, it may revert back to the donors natural raw form when shampooed. For this reason, we are currently only restocking naturally straight bundles. Straight bundles do offer a bit of texture, depending on the donor. However, you can achieve any look flawlessly with the straight bundles; body curls, bone straight, wand curls and more!


Hair Details

 •single donor-100% of cuticles line up in the same direction, eliminating tangling

•double drawn-keeps up to 80% of its fullness from root to tip

•natural color=nc

•100% human hair

•no mix of low quality hair

•3.5 oz per bundle                                              

•safe & easily colors

•double wefted 

•bundles last for 3 years or longer with proper care & maintenance 

•For best results, always shampoo & trim bundles

•the prices advertised is per 1 bundle